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Dave Makichuk – Japan is joining the race for hypersonics.

It’s not only the United States military that is scrambling to develop standoff hypersonic weapons to match China and Russia, but Japan is apparently also on course to arm itself with the latest high-tech weaponry and a satellite system to guide it. According to a report by Mike Yeo in Defense News, Japan has outlined […]

Ways an Asian War Could Erupt

Alex Ward   At times of global instability, the places where things remain calm stand out. That is the case with northeast Asia, the area primarily comprised of China, Japan, parts of Russia and the two Koreas. Due to the generosity of the Korean Economic Institute and Korea Foundation, I had the chance recently to […]

Japan Goes Hard – New Military Law Adopted

Dmitry Streltsov Doctor of History, Head of the Department of Oriental Studies of the MGIMO University, RIAC expert It was recently announced in the media that Japan has adopted a new military doctrine, allowing the country to take part in military operations. It could result in a dramatic turn from Tokyo’s peaceful foreign policy and […]

Japan’s Intelligence Reform Inches Forward

When the Allies defeated Japan at the end of World War II, they dismantled the Japanese security apparatus and deliberately left the country dependent on outside powers. This entailed not only taking apart the military but also the extensive imperial intelligence apparatus that had facilitated Japanese expansion in Asia. As it reconstituted itself, postwar Japan […]

The inhabitants of the Kuril Islands occupied by pressing matters and do not show much interest in the negotiations on the territorial issue

May 17, I joined the delegation for the first time this year paid a four-day visit as part of Kunashir visa-free exchange with the Northern Territory. At the meeting of Heads of State of Russia and Japan in April, an agreement was reached on the acceleration of regional negotiations, while on the islands is “Russification” […]

The problem of “northern territories” Russia must stop distorting history

Why is there a problem of “northern territories”? Must adhere to Japan’s position on this issue. During his visit to Belgium, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Fumio Kishida (Fumio Kishida) said: “The situation in Ukraine has been changed due to the force. This also applies to the problem of the northern territories. ” Russia […]

Can Japan Reboot?

CAMBRIDGE – Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s recent policy decisions – to increase monetary stimulus dramatically, to postpone a consumption-tax increase, and to call a snap election in mid-December – have returned his country to the forefront of an intense policy debate. The problem is simple: How can aging advanced economies revive growth after a […]

History Lessons for China and Japan

Both countries have shown the ability to accommodate and cooperate in the past. Can they do so again? By Paula Harrell June 26, 2014 This year has seen a spate of retrospective analyses of the horrific war in Europe that began July 28 a century ago, so named the Great War for its unprecedented scale, […]

Towards The Arctic Ocean through the Kuril Islands

Dmitry TulupovFaculty of International Relations of St. Petersburg State University There has been no time in modern history when political links between Moscow and Tokyo were friendly or partner-like. Since the end of WWII, the Southern Kuril Islands remain the key irritant to their bilateral relations. As a result, much of the potential for Russian-Japanese […]

Someone Just Said Something About The Japan-China Conflict That Scared The Crap Out Of Everyone

Henry Blodget Jan. 22, 2014, 9:51 AM 87,698 167 I went to one of those fancy private dinners last night in Davos, Switzerland. Like most of the events here at the 2014 World Economic Forum, the dinner was conducted under what are known as “Chatham House Rules,” which means that I can’t tell you who was […]