Материалы: March, 2020

Wendy Wu. From China to the West: learn our lessons on containing the coronavirus pandemic


As China’s coronavirus crisis appears to wane and infections elsewhere in the world rise, the message from Beijing is that some countries in the West have been too slow to react and not done enough to contain the pandemic. The World Health Organisation (WHO) announced on the weekend that Europe was the new epicentre of […]

Dave Makichuk – Japan is joining the race for hypersonics.


It’s not only the United States military that is scrambling to develop standoff hypersonic weapons to match China and Russia, but Japan is apparently also on course to arm itself with the latest high-tech weaponry and a satellite system to guide it. According to a report by Mike Yeo in Defense News, Japan has outlined […]

Jennifer Duke. Foreign cyber security rules putting dampener on Aussie fintechs: DFAT.


Asia-Pacific countries are introducing restrictive cyber security rules that threaten Australia’s technology exports, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has warned, suggesting trade terms could be used to bolster the fledgling fintech industry. In a submission to a Senate inquiry into the fintech and regulatory technology sectors, DFAT said global governments were working to […]

Conflicting Narratives on the Euromaidan 2013/14


Narrative 1: “Euromaidan as a Revolution of Dignity” This narrative describes Euromaidan as a grass-root movement started by civil society in Ukraine in response to President Yanukovich’s sudden renouncement of the signing of an Asso-ciation Agreement with the European Union as well as to the numerous cases of corruption, vio-lations of human rights and flouting […]