Материалы: July 7th, 2022

Press release – Tinderbox Laid Everywhere

Jong Chol Jun Researcher of Korea-Europe Association Türkiye-Greece relations have become deteriorated again as the U.S. seeks to set up its military bases in the waters off the Aegean Sea. According to the news reports released by Anadolu Agency of Türkiye and others, the U.S. decided to newly set up its military bases in the […]

Press release – What is the Goal of Forming “PBP”?

Hong Chol Researcher of Society for International Politics Study Now China and Pacific island countries are increasing mutual cooperation. Coinciding with this, the U.S. has recently formed a new group called “Partners in the Blue Pacific” (PBP) together with Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the U.K. under the pretext of strengthening economic and diplomatic relations […]