Материалы: ‘Falsification of World War II History’

The West’s Shame: Boycotting Moscow’s 70th Victory Day

Some things should be above daily politics. The last major anniversary of victory over Nazism with living veterans in Moscow is one of them There is something so bizarre, so inhumane about Western countries boycotting the parade for the 70th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Germany in World War II that I just had […]

Snubbing Moscow for Kiev on V-E Day could be a provocation

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a meeting of the Victory Day celebrations organizing committee in the Kremlin in Moscow on Tuesday. (Sergei Ilnitsky / Associated Press) To the editor: When three former U.S. ambassadors agree on a foreign policy move, we should listen, no matter their political persuasions. (“Kiev, not Moscow, should be the choice […]

F. Trippe – Merkel’s symbolic tardiness to Putin’s WWII celebration

Chancellor Merkel will not to take part in Moscow’s parade to mark the end of World War II on May 9, but she’ll be there a day later. No doubt a difficult choice, but it was the right one, says DW’s Christian F. Trippe. In the end, it was merely the timing of the decision […]

Kiev, not Moscow, should be the choice for marking V-E Day

It’s right to honor WW II sacrifices on the eastern front, but not in Moscow in 2015 Kiev is appropriate site for V-E Day ceremony; Ukraine lost an estimated 25% of its population German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron have rightly turned down Vladimir Putin’s invitation to go to Moscow on […]

How the Allied multinationals supplied Nazi Germany throughout World War II

The following excerpts thoroughly document how capitalists really acted during the Second World War. Behind the patriotic propaganda that encouraged the working class to slaughter each other in the interests of competing national interests, international capital quietly kept the commodity circuits flowing and profits growing across all borders. Trading with the Enemy – war means […]

What the Bolsheviks and Nazis can teach us about Russia today

Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the concept of empire entered Soviet and post-Soviet studies, as scholars attempted to place the end of the Soviet multinational state in an appropriate comparative framework. A variety of excellent books was the result, including edited volumes by Bruce Parrott and Karen Dawisha, Barnett Rubin and Jack Snyder, Richard Rudolph and […]

A Card play with devils

By Sergey Konstantinov The majority of our European partners had a blast, discussing the anniversary of the beginning of the World War II, especially in criticism of the actions of our country. Whether it is necessary to reply to the frank distortion of the historic facts? It costs but not in the logic «you are […]

Falsification of history and interests of the Russian Elite

By I.Shishkin The uniqueness of the Russian situation consists of that fact, that there is the influential group among the elite of our country which is terribly interested in the debunking of the victory. Besides, there is not less influential group which is absolutely not interested in the counteraction of falsification of history, and there […]

The united front of the pseudo-historians operates against Russia

By Alexey Tarasov The theme of the victory of our country in the Great Patriotic war continues to occupy politicians and MASS MEDIA. The scale of that victory was so great, that it upendsed the world picture, – and not at all in behalf on those, who had planned war, had financed and had implemented. […]

The myth about the occupation as the disguise for Waffen SS

By Ilya Semenov “KomiOnline” (The data portal of Komi Republic; the translator’s comment)  presents the essay of of  Ilya Semenov, the director of  the regional public organization of “Guild of specialists  aimed at work with information and  the new technologies”.  It is called “The myth about occupations as the disguise for Waffen SS”. On the […]