Материалы: ‘Falsification of World War II History’

The perspective fight against a new evil

By Alexey Sadovnichyi The more closely we approach to the nice anniversary of the Victory Day, the more actively politicians aspire to turn this nice date to own advantage, to use it for increase of own image among voters. They want to benefit from everything, that is connected with our history. Look closely and you […]

In the shade of a spreading cranberry

Author – Fedor Velyakin The circumstances of the death of Polish officers buried in sadly famous Katyn forest, has never been a secret for the residents of Smolensk. But these people never kept silence at all, they never had any reasons or motives for this. Simply nobody ever asked them and, even more do not […]

Strange Interpretation of the History

By  Volker Schmidt The Government of Estonia on the basis of the law is going to declare the veterans’ Waffen-SS “freedom fighters. If we remember the Holocaust, the intention of this kind should be called a manifestation of the historical blindness. When during a family holiday somewhere in Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia next table were […]

A. Samohin – Attempts to Revise History and the Outcome of World War II. Russian Trace or Reflection on a Given Topic.

The theme of our victory in the World War II became be more and more interesting for foreign politicians and mess media. Our history is studied almost under the microscope, but not for the sake of searching the truth and not for the sake of history itself. The basic idea is to convince the population […]