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West trap of Grandmaster Putin

DMITRY KALINICHENKO Western accusations against Putin traditionally lie in the fact that he served in the KGB. And so, it was an austere man, immoral, and so on. Putin blamed for everything. However, no one has ever accused Putin, a lack of intelligence. Any charges against this man, only emphasize its ability to fast analytical […]

Dana Rohrabacher – Why I Voted against Condemning Russia

Recently, the House passed, by an overwhelming margin, a resolution to condemn the Russian Federation. Ten Members voted “nay,” myself among them. I wish to explain why I took this unpopular position. Recently, the House passed, by an overwhelming margin, a resolution to condemn the Russian Federation for actions considered hostile and aggressive within its […]

Raymond Smith – From Da to Nyet: How U.S. Diplomacy Helped Transform Russia from Potential Ally into Strategic Adversary

A great diplomatic mistake with repercussions now being felt today. The intense diplomatic activity that accompanies the end of a major international war has two broad objectives: first, for the winners, maximizing their gains and, for the losers, minimizing their losses; second, creating a new and more stable international system so that a renewal of […]

Dimitri K. Simes – Dealing with Putin

The stage is being set for an even more dramatic confrontation between the West and Russia over Ukraine. Obama must recognize the danger to U.S. national interests that the crisis may create and act accordingly. With Russia and Ukraine trading blame for the apparent breakdown in their tenuous September 5 cease-fire agreement, the stage is being […]

A. Samokhin – Fighting in the triangle Russia – Vietnam – China: who benefits?

In August, we posted one very interesting article on our website headlined ‘It is necessary to pay more attention to Russia’s return to the Asia-Pacific region. Lee Paen, the author of the article is a functionary in the political department of the Hainan’s branch of the General Hospital of the People’s Liberational Army in the […]

Andrey Samokhin – Arctic – Russia’s perspective

In recent years Russia has been actively developing its northern areas, including carbon production, and extending the Northern sea route (the NSR), that becomes an alternative to traditional routs from Europe to Asia. Territories, continental shelves and exclusive economic zones of 8 Arctic States: Russia. Canada, the USA (Alaska), Norway, Denmark (Greenland and the Faeroes), […]

What’s really going on around the downed Malaysian Boeing in Ukraine.

To sort out the question of who actually shot down the Malaysian passenger plane, it is necessary to look at the situation objectively, which occurs in Ukraine. For me as for Russian, who has Ukrainian roots, and with famous Ukrainian surname, this subject is especially close. Besides, I have relatives in Ukraine who live in […]

The Global Arctic: The Growing Arctic Interests of Russia, China, the United States and the European Union

By Juha Käpylä and Harri Mikkola for Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA) Russia has a vested interest in the economics and geopolitics of the Arctic, write Juha Käpylä and Harri Mikkola. The problem is that the US, China and the European Union all continue to define their interests in the region more precisely, which […]

Russia’s Pacific Destiny

By Ekaterina Kuznetsova & Vladislav Inozemtsev “By virtue of our unique geography”, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote in a 2011 Foreign Policy article, “the United States is both an Atlantic and a Pacific power.” Russia, meanwhile, has seen itself as a Euro-Asian country, as Vladimir Putin has argued from the start of his […]

Missiles for milk: how Russia offered NZ military hardware to settle dairy bill

Former PM Jim Bolger ‘absolutely stunned’ to be offered a nuclear sub and two MiGs in lieu of money, new book reveals. Russia made the unusual offer of two MiG fighters in 1993, when it was struggling to pay its debts after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Photograph: AAP/MiG Jet Adventures. How do you […]