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Abbott v Putin: Will the G20 turn into a naked wrestling match?

Someone should tell Tony Abbott that gaffes aren’t like baby turtles; you don’t increase their chances of slipping by watchful predators by producing more of them. It certainly seems like he’s trying to increase his output. Not even a whole day has passed since his reality-shunning collection of mouth sounds “Coal is good for humanity” […]

Russian Economic Reform

Some Russian economic policy makers and commentators seem to want to look to the Chinese economy for ideas and guidance about how to “modernize” the Russian economy. Too much concentration on China is a mistake when considering Russian economic reform. The Chinese economy is structurally quite different to the Russian economy because its small agriculture holdings […]

Australia urges Russia to support removal of Assad

By Hoang Dinh Nam Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr on Sunday called on Russia to support the removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from office, following the latest massacre which rebels blame on regime troops. “President Assad must go, and the way of getting rid of him is for Russia to exert its influence in […]

How Australia paid $100,000 for a pole vaulter to compete for Russia

AUSTRALIAN sports authorities have spent thousands of dollars preparing a pole vaulter who will represent Russia against our own defending champion Steve Hooker at the London Olympics. None of the bodies involved in bringing Sergey Kucheryanu, his wife and child to Australia and supporting them for seven months at the West Australian Institute of Sport […]

Australia-Russia Relations: A Developing Partnership

Speech at New Economic School Moscow (check against delivery) Thank you, Dr Sergei Guriev, for your welcome. I am delighted to be at the New Economic School on my first visit to Russia as Foreign Minister. The school has served Russia’s private and government sectors since its formation in 1992 and has a reputation as […]

Russian Aid to Pacific Must be Open: Rudd

Adam Gartrell, AAP Diplomatic Correspondent Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has stressed to his Russian counterpart the need to be transparent with the development assistance it gives to Pacific island nations, amid ongoing concernsMoscowis using aid to buy diplomatic support in the region. Mr Rudd met Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov inSydneyon Tuesday. With Mr Lavrov […]

Fiji Visit to Expand Russian Diplomacy Into Pacific

Updated January 30, 2012 10:29:27 Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, makes his first visit to Fiji this week… he arrives on Wednesday. Fiji’s Foreign Affairs Minister says the visit is an example of “Fiji’s work to diversify its global relationships and strengthen” its “economy”. But others fear its part of Russia’s plan to increase its […]

Australia Lashes Russia Over Aid

Daniel Flitton AUSTRALIAhas delivered a broadside toRussiaover ”cheque-book diplomacy” in the South Pacific, accusingMoscowof using foreign aid to buy support for puppet states on the other side of the world. Australiahas lodged a formal complaint with the superpower over a push to have tiny Pacific island countries accept the independence of the disputed territories South […]

Barack Obama to Deploy 2,500 Marines in Australia as He Says ‘We Do Not Fear China’

Barack Obama has unveiled plans to deploy 2500 Marines in northernAustraliabut insisted the move was not prompted by fear ofChina. By Jonathan Pearlman inCanberra During his first Presidential visit to Australia, Mr Obama and Julia Gillard announced an expanded military agreement under which theUS will station Marines inDarwin from next year. The deployment will expand […]

Australia Could be Caught in Sino-US Crossfire

US President Barack Obama arrived in Australiatoday for a long-delayed visit. It is reported that Obama is going to announce an expanded USmilitary presence in Australia. The move is widely seen as a renewal of the US-Australia alliance to keep Chinain check. It is also interpreted as a choice made by Australia between the US […]