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Andrew Korybko – Russian-Chinese Strategic Partnership Goes Global : Washington’s Nightmare

The Russian-Chinese strategic partnership (RCSP), indoctrinated in 1996, is Eurasia’s geopolitical anchor in the 21st century, shaping its evolution and entrance into the Multipolar World. No other political relationship between the two continents’ actors even comes close, with the RCSP’s only formidable rival being the US via its privileged military alliances with NATO, the Gulf […]

What’s really going on around the downed Malaysian Boeing in Ukraine.

To sort out the question of who actually shot down the Malaysian passenger plane, it is necessary to look at the situation objectively, which occurs in Ukraine. For me as for Russian, who has Ukrainian roots, and with famous Ukrainian surname, this subject is especially close. Besides, I have relatives in Ukraine who live in […]

APIR Center in Korea

From 17 to 24 February 2014 Director of Asia-Pacific International Relations Study Center ( Khabarovsk ) Valery Timoshenko together with  the expert of the  Center Alexander Ivanov visited Republic of Korea to establish scientific contacts. For Russian scientists studying Russia interaction with Asia Pacific, especially with China, Japan and the Republic of Korea, is one […]

An Zhao Zhen – An effective way to improve overall economic relations Between China and the Russian Federation

In August 2012 Russia officially became a WTO member. In March 2013 President Xi Jinping successfully visited Russia. Nowadays relations between China and Russia are in the best stage in history. Comprehensive increase of economic cooperation between China and Russia is facing important strategic opportunities, as well as many challenges. It is necessary to use […]

Russia’s Pacific Destiny

By Ekaterina Kuznetsova & Vladislav Inozemtsev “By virtue of our unique geography”, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote in a 2011 Foreign Policy article, “the United States is both an Atlantic and a Pacific power.” Russia, meanwhile, has seen itself as a Euro-Asian country, as Vladimir Putin has argued from the start of his […]

Russia’s Recent Demographic Improvements Were Not Foreseen By The Experts

Whenever I write about the recent improvements in Russian demography, someone will inevitably respond by saying that these changes are ultimately meaningless because they are small in scale, temporary in nature, and were easily foreseen by experts in the field. If this is true, if demographers really did uniformly predict that Russia would experience a […]

Missiles for milk: how Russia offered NZ military hardware to settle dairy bill

Former PM Jim Bolger ‘absolutely stunned’ to be offered a nuclear sub and two MiGs in lieu of money, new book reveals. Russia made the unusual offer of two MiG fighters in 1993, when it was struggling to pay its debts after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Photograph: AAP/MiG Jet Adventures. How do you […]

Yes, Putin’s a brute, but it’s Greenpeace who are the bigger menace to our future

By Dominic Lawson Greenpeace, the world’s biggest and most battle-hardened environmental campaigning organisation, is in a state of shock. Last week, Russian investigators said that they had found ‘narcotic substances’ on board Arctic Sunrise, the Greenpeace vessel they seized after its crew had used it in an attempt to storm an oil rig of the […]

Why Russia Is ‘China In Reverse’

In the fun-house mirror of the global economy, Russia is the mirror opposite of China. China consumers are the driving force behind the market. Russian consumers are hobbling along and maybe stuck in a middle income trap. China needs less investment. Russia needs more. China used to be all about infrastructure investment: new roads, new […]

Is The Russian Federation Imploding?

My Forbes colleague Ilan Berman has written what sounds like an extremely provocative book about Russia’s “implosion” and what the “end” of the country means for the United States. Here’s how the book’s Amazon blurb describes its thesis: Today, Putin’s Russia is fast approaching a social and political crisis—one that promises to be every bit […]